The priority in definitions of health is the ability of accutane to adapt to constantly changing conditions in the environment.

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Health acts as a value for a person, a necessary precondition for a full-fledged harmonious life, satisfaction of material and spiritual needs, participation in work and social life, in economic, scientific, cultural and other activities. The presence of a sufficiently large number of definitions of health once again confirms that health is a very complex object of cognition. What is health? Health status. Human beauty and health.

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  • Health is the greatest gift that a person has received from nature. That is why it needs to be protected. Such value should always be protected. Showing care, each person wishes well to the other, telling him: "Health to you!"
  • What is health? Everyone understands what it is about, but not everyone will be able to define this term. Health status is defined as the presence / absence of diseases, pathologies, disorders and pains.
  • This characteristic is qualitative and has a number of accutane definitions and indicators of its assessment: External signs. This is weight, chest volume, height. Biological indicators.
  • Includes the absence of diseases, both acute and chronic, pathogenic microorganisms, fungi, various tumors and formations. Biochemical. This is the presence of the necessary concentration of hormones, erythrocytes, leukocytes, various chemical and mineral compounds.
  • Physical reflection of health. These are hearing and visual acuity, body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure indicators. Neuropsychic indicators. This is the normal functioning of the nervous system, the state of the human psyche, the psychology of accutane consciousness and behavior.

When answering the question "what is health", the concept of compliance with all characteristics of the body's functioning, established norms, in which there are no various deviations and a threat to human life, arises. In medical practice, this concept corresponds to a number of indicators that indicate the general condition of the body.